Risks & Security

This page seeks to inform users to use ImmortalDAO at their own risk.


  • None of the information provided by the ImmortalDAO team constitutes as financial advice and any purchases made on the platform is up to the sole discretion of the users.
  • Any purchases on the platform will come with its own set of the risks.
  • It would be best to understand to research and understand the risks related to buying cryptocurrencies and its market before making any purchases.
  • Users should not make any purchases unless they are ready to withstand a loss in values.
  • Adding a custom token to your wallet comes with its set of risks such as having a drastic fall in value due to a rug or lack of ability to sell the tokens or access to your other funds. This risk exists for every custom token.
  • Users are not insured by ImmortalDAO Finance.
Last modified 1yr ago