(△,△) represents the "bond + stake" strategy, the ideal scenario for everyone collectively in Immortal DAO from the Game Theory perspective in the long term run.

What is (△,△)?

It represents the (3, 3) in game theory, the best strategy with highest scores for all Immortal collectively, assuming

  • staking = +3

  • bonding = +1

  • selling = -3

Given there are 2 IMMO hodlers in all scenarios, the total scores of the protocols are:

  • If both hodlers bond & stake = (3, 3), the total score would be 6 (HIGHEST)

  • If one bonds & one stakes = (3, 1), the total score would be 4

  • If one sells = (1, -1), the total score would be 0

  • If both sell = (-3, -3), the total score would be -6 (LOWEST)

With the matrix table overview, it is pretty clear that bonding and staking will be the best choice for all of our IMMO hodlers. Theoretically, if everyone stakes and bonds, IMMO will be able to deliver the best for holders and treasury assets.

In Immortal, IMMO can only be minted or burnt by the protocol and it also guarantees that each IMMO is always backed by some amount of 1 mcUSD.

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